Tesco plant
  • Food retail solutions

  • Central plant refrigeration systems

  • Constant temperature rooms

  • Air conditioning and comfort cooling

  • Food preparation

  • Close control systems

  • Bespoke system design

Our clients rely upon Ultra Refrigeration Ltd for unique systems design in supermarkets, hospitals, pubs, bakeries, cafeterias, police  departments, mortuaries, test facilities, laboratories, shops, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and more.

 We pride ourselves on our industry experience and ability to design bespoke solutions to suit any application in the most challenging of surroundings

Whether a large supermarket, small retail shop, public house or café, or an exclusive restaurant or hotel, our industry-renowned design team can produce a solution to meet your specific needs.

By using the very latest technology we are able to maximise energy efficiency resulting in reduced running costs without compromise in performance.

Our central plant and 100% backup systems are designed to minimise the impact to operation in the event of failure, often eliminating the need for emergency call-outs.