Integrated Power Pack (IPP)

The Integrated Power Pack (IPP) is a cohesive solution designed to deliver the entire refrigeration requirements of a convenience store as well as total heat recovery to provide heating for the building.  The system is a truly magnificent design that marks the pinnacle of cost effective, energy efficient innovation.

The IPP’s integrated controller is astonishing in every detail whilst remaining fully compatible with industry leading monitoring equipment, setting the product ahead of the competition.

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The product features the following advantages:


Dual temperature refrigeration central plant system

the all in one solution

The central plant contains both high and low temperature compressors, enabling both chilled and frozen food cases to be connected directly to the IPP without the need for additional booster systems or add-ons.

Shop floor heating and cooling

maintaining customer comfort

The IPP captures the waste heat from the refrigeration process by transferring the heat into water. The hot water is then circulated around the shop floor and distributed via ceiling mounted fan-coil units. Not only is the heat from the shop floor refrigeration used, but also the plant room extraction is innovatively utilised to gather waste heat from switchgear, power transformers, motors, crank case heaters, oil heaters and any other waste heat source normally associated with working plant rooms.

Energy efficient operation

lowering running costs

The feature-rich intelligent plant controller boasts a first and unique feature by directly controlling 4 Copeland digi-scroll™ compressors, 2 for each temperature range.  This reduces the total number of compressors required thereby minimising inefficiencies normally associated with multi-compressor systems.

Additionally, by providing step-less capacity control, the IPP achieves precise control of working pressures, eliminating wasteful peaks and troughs in operation and reducing the number of energy-hungry compressor starts.

Outstanding stability of the condensing pressure is maintained by the IPPs controller which directly drives energy efficient EC fan motors. The motor speed is constantly adjusted to achieve a near flat-line condition no matter how dynamic the connected load.
By way of communication with the intruder alarm or by utilising the integrated scheduler, the IPP is able to determine when heating is required. This enables the system to automatically adjust the operating conditions to achieve the utmost efficiency when no heating is necessary. Meanwhile, excess heat is stored in the water system until it is required to quickly raise the temperature of the building.

Low noise

seen but not heard

These days, noise can be one of the biggest headaches for the community convenience store.  Often located in residential areas, it is essential that the equipment is whisper quiet.

Thanks to our intelligent compressor controller, the IPP contains fewer working parts than conventional plant, thereby reducing the noise output.

Of course, all of the machinery is packed neatly into a weatherproof, acoustically insulated housing - killing noise to below 30dbA@10m.

The condenser fans are highly efficient EC motors which are speed controlled to maintain the optimum operating conditions whilst keeping noise to a minimum.  During the evening, the intelligent controller will limit the maximum operating speed to ensure the peace and quiet of the night time.

Full alarm and monitoring system

in check

Refrigerated food is an essential part of the convenience store offer and therefore it is vital that the equipment is constantly monitored to ensure correct operation.  The IPP features advanced self-monitoring and diagnosis that, should a fault arise, will immediately notify the operator of the fault.

There are no meaningless fault codes, or the need to contact a help desk to translate cryptic error messages.  All alarms are displayed in words of English and are logged in the IPPs memory along with the time and date they occurred to aid fault-finding by an engineer.

Monitored items include:-

  • Compressors
  • Condenser fans
  • Oil level
  • Over pressure
  • Under pressure
  • Refrigerant level
  • Water pressure
  • Water Pump
  • Run Hours
  • Fan speed
  • Compressor duty
  • Compressor temperature
  • Plant housing temperature
  • Electrical supply

The IPP is supplied ready to be connected to the internet to allow remote viewing or adjustment from anywhere in the world and can send email alerts to the owner/operator or their incumbent contractor.  Alternatively, the IPP can be connected one of the industry’s leading monitoring systems, the RDM DataManager, for total integration with shop floor temperature monitoring, HACCP compliance and temperature control.

Ease of operation

keeping it simple

Each IPP is ready prepared in the factory for operation and does not require complicated set-up, testing and commissioning.  The near ‘plug-and-play’ approach minimises the engineering setpoints required to get up and running whilst the user interface is simple and unintimidating.  Meanwhile, critical engineering information is shown in real-time on the IPP’s integrated display.

The operator has limited access to operating parameters so as not to inadvertently disrupt the correct operation, but via a simple web browser or optional connected RDM DataManager, can easily adjust the store temperature set-point and view the status of the equipment.

Low cost maintenance and improved reliability

for piece of mind

The IPP’s design contains fewer electrical and mechanical parts, and utilises modern solid-state components to minimise the likelihood of failure.  Furthermore, by the reduced number of compression fittings and the use of hermetically sealed compressors, sensors and pressure switches, the IPP ensures refrigerant gasses don’t escape to the atmosphere.

The unique approach to digi-scroll™ compressor control eliminates the unreliability associated with conventional lead-lag systems by providing equal run hours for each compressor, allowing resting of each digi-scroll to further improve reliability.

For maintenance, the integrated intelligent controller provides a multitude of diagnostic aids to expedite repairs meanwhile routine servicing is made simple and easily accessible.

Cost effective

value is everything

In today’s economic climate the balance of cost and economy has never been more important.  Whilst businesses strive to slash energy costs and improve their environmental impact, often such technologies are expensive and outside of budget restraints.

The IPP strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and affordability.  By providing refrigeration for both chilled and frozen food without the need for additional components, with the reduction in working parts and removing the requirement for heating or air conditioning, it is easy to see why IPP offers the best value.

Optional extras

expanding the IPP

The IPP’s intelligent controller can easily be expanded to control additional useful and energy saving initiatives including:-

  • Store lighting control
  • Signage lighting control
  • Outdoor/car park lighting control
  • Comfort cooling

Download our Integrated Power Pack V5 brochure here.