We are constantly working to develop new and exciting innovations in refrigeration.

The UK and other European countries have seen heavy restrictions and taxation on the use of refrigerants and energy in an effort to protect our environment for the future. Ultra Refrigeration Ltd have made a positive investment in this greener, healthier future.

Our developments in energy efficiency, natural refrigerants and control systems are at the cutting edge of today's technology without compromise in performance or expectation.

Much of our development and testing takes place in our manufacturing facility in Chesterfield, Derbyshire where we can fully research and prove prototypes long before taking ideas into the market place.

Many of our bespoke solutions can be applied to existing systems, not just new installations. An investment now can protect your equipment, your business and can help to save costs, energy and the environment.

As one of the country's leading bespoke controls provider in this field, Ultra are able to offer unique control and temperature monitoring solutions utilising the latest in energy efficiency control strategies.

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