Giving Back to Our Communities

As part of Ultra's commitment to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are delighted to announce that we have chosen Fairplay Charity in Chesterfield to give our continued support to such a worthy cause.

Fairplay supports children and young people with disabilities and additional needs and their families across North Derbyshire. The goal of the charity is to ensure they always have the funds readily available to help children with disabilities get the support they need.


Back in 2019, Ultra took the decision to sponsor new gym 'Porrada' based in Chesterfield. Porrada focuses on MMA, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and fitness amongst other disciplines and provides training in both physical and mental discipline in a way that supports both children and adults alike. Porrada prepares and trains young amateur fighters for their debut in competitions and charity fight nights. 

Porrada MMA and BJJ is open to all levels, they have fitness classes and UKBJJA accredited BJJ for adults and kids. They are a non-profit and all money made goes back in towards equipment for the growth of the team.

As a practitioner and trainer himself, Steve Shipp MD, is well aware of the health benefits of training and how young people succeed in life in general because they have learned how to focus on goals. 

Seen here on the right is Kevin Taylor, gym owner, along with three of Porrada's upcoming fighters.