Why Ultra Refrigeration?

Ultra Refrigeration Ltd are at the forefront of commercial refrigeration application, providing services to the catering, leisure and food retail trades to name a few. Our customers include a varied range of clients requiring refrigeration for the chilling of food or machinery and comfort cooling for shops, offices, care homes, hospitals and kitchens.

Ultra’s reputation is also well regarded for the design and implementation of refrigeration solutions in the most challenging of locations and for special applications including ultra low temperature, close control and humidity regulation.

Whatever the scale of your project, large or small, success depends upon a positive and open working relationship. Ultra believe that mutual understanding and straight talking are the best ways to achieve this.

We work hard to ensure we understand your:-

  • Refrigeration challenges

  • Design parameters

  • Energy and environmental requirements

  • Budget limitations

  • Timescales and deadlines

  • Site specific requirements

Ultra Refrigeration Ltd constantly seek opportunities to add value to your business through energy and cost savings.

We will give you a comprehensive and realistically achievable schedule to install and commission your project with minimal disruption to your operation or construction programme.

The initial fact finding and assessment stage is undertaken by our knowledgeable technical team. They have vast practical expertise and many years of industry experience which enable them to recognise what is needed to meet your requirements in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Should you require any further advice or information, our directors are just a phone call away. Large or small, every successful project depends upon mutual understanding and a positive working relationship. We believe these are best achieved through openness and straight talking.