Ultra Refrigeration is committed to providing innovative and sustainable refrigeration and engineering solutions to our customers.

We recognise that our products and services contribute towards climate change and resource use, and it is our intention to reduce this impact to an absolute minimum and try to make an overall positive contribution.

This is our way of making a stand in support of sustainability, and addressing how the business operates to ensure long-term viability.

Our initiatives represent our values, are relevant to our business and community, and will enable us to deliver positive benefits to our staff, clients and community.

We are dedicated to becoming one of the leading low carbon and low risk contractors in our industry, and we are continually taking steps forward in our efforts to achieve this.

What are Ultra's Initiatives?

  • Carbon management is key to driving improvement. We have measured our carbon footprint and will continue to do as we improve our carbon performance.
  • We foresee new markets and changes in our existing markets that are driven by climate and social factors; we will identify these and where possible grow these.
  • We recognise that it is all our responsibilities to push the sustainability agenda; personally, professionally and as a collective team. We will support our staff, clients and suppliers in their sustainability and corporate responsibility activities.
  • As a major business in the refrigeration and building services industry we have a huge opportunity to improve the environmental performance of buildings and contractors, which have been widely identified as one of the key carbon emitters in our national carbon footprint.

Our Commitments

  • Actively seek out low carbon improvements to help our clients meet their carbon targets
  • Measure and reduce the impact of our vehicle fleet
  • To carry out awareness education and training awareness for staff on climate change and social issues
  • To support local charities and community groups
  • To provide employment experience and opportunities throughout the business